Cooking made easy: The new FullFlex hob from V-ZUG

Cooking with the very latest technology means preparing meals more quickly, economically, safely and enthusiastically than ever before. With the brand-new induction hob from V-ZUG, you can put your pans anywhere you like on the glass ceramic plate for maximum freedom and flexibility while cooking.

Cooking with induction equipment allows you to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology along with all the conveniences that go with it. When it comes to speed, energy efficiency and safety, induction hobs are infinitely superior to their conventional counterparts. By transferring energy directly to the base of the pan, it’s now possible to cook meals in record time using a minimal amount of energy. What’s more, this technology also offers the advantage of only generating heat exactly where it’s needed – at the base of the pan. As a result, the glass around the cooking zone remains largely cool, meaning virtually nothing burns onto the surface and a quick wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep it clean. 

New: The FullFlex hob for maximum flexibility
The latest innovation in the range is a full-surface induction hob. This device goes even further than the MaxiFlex hobs and does away with specified cooking zones entirely. This is because its state-of-the-art inductors are able to detect where and how big the pans are automatically. As a result, up to six pans can be positioned anywhere you like on the glass ceramic plate – wherever they’re most convenient for you. The full-surface induction hob also has a large, full-colour graphic display, which offers the best possible assistance to those doing the cooking. Featuring inspirational background images of creations from top chef Andreas Caminada, the display also comes complete with a straightforward and intuitive operating concept, which is inspired by the V-ZUG combi-steam cooker and oven. The new, full-surface induction hob is also the ideal choice for anyone who likes their kitchen appliances to feature strong aesthetics and design. Its sleek, minimalistic appearance is accentuated by its sophisticated chrome-steel frame with concealed silicone strips. It is also the first hob in the range that is compatible with the intelligent, digital device network V-ZUG-Home and can be controlled via an app.

Cooking is a pleasure with the Teppan Yaki function
Another great feature of the FullFlex hob is the Teppan Yaki function. When the hob detects the Teppan Yaki plate, the appropriate function is automatically activated. If necessary the plate can be split into two separate temperature zones, allowing low-fat cooking of meat and vegetables at the same time.
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