The DualDry by V-ZUG

The DualDry by V-ZUG: Dries washing in the drum or when hung up in the room

You can now choose whether to dry your washing in the dryer or hang it up inside to dry. Either is possible with the CombiAdoraDry V4000 DualDry by V-ZUG. For ambient air drying, simply select the programme on the display screen and open the two flaps on the appliance as shown. The dryer then takes in the ambient air through the bottom flap, removes the water from it and then releases the dry air via the top flap – simple and brilliant. If you select the humidity regulation programme, the DualDry constantly measures the humidity in the room over the course of a week. Should this rise above the target humidity level you have specified, the appliance will automatically start the ambient air clothes drying cycle, so that you can keep on hanging up laundry throughout the week without needing to change any settings. With this two-in-one appliance you save space and reap all the advantages of ambient air drying. This requires no additional installations such as wastewater pipes or separate plug points, in contrast to suspended laundry-drying dehumidifiers. In 2019 the DualDry received the Plus X Award most innovative brand prize for innovation, high quality, design, functionality and ecology.