Side by side

Design and convenience of the highest order

Are space and convenience important to you when it comes to your refrigerator? Then you’re sure to appreciate a side-by-side solution. By combining a single-door refrigerator and single-door freezer, we can offer you a stylish solution that will make your life so much easier. The Jumbo 60i refrigerator and Iglu 60i freezer are the perfect choices for this side-by-side solution.

The premium freezer

With 301 litres of usable capacity, our Jumbo 60i not only offers plenty of space, but also comes complete with state-of-the-art equipment featuring the latest innovations. What’s more, the interior impresses with an attractive design comprising tinted glass and chrome-plated, stainless-steel accents. Another real bonus is that its FreshControl zone features three large drawers designed to not only maximise shelf life at temperatures of just over 0 °C, but also for ideal humidity levels. These are the perfect conditions for storing meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. What’s more, all of the drawers can be fully extended and also feature convenient self-closing runners.

The premium freezer

When it comes to state-of-the-art side-by-side solutions, the Iglu 60i freezer is the perfect accompaniment to our premium Jumbo 60i refrigerator. Energy-saving and long-lasting LED lighting ensures optimal illumination and better visibility of the inside of the transparent compartments. Are you looking for a freezer that’s suitable for storing oversized packaging? No problem, as the flexible drawer system can easily be rearranged to create more space in no time.