V-ZUG Novelties 2018

Pureness design line

For design aficionados with a nose for clear, stylish elegance, we have a new design line in our product range. The handles are made from high-quality anodised aluminium, creating a slate-like effect. Sophisticated engraving on the inside of the handle is reflected on the mirror glass. 


The new Fusion hob includes an integrated range hood ensuring plenty of headroom. 

This hob makes cooking so much easier so that you can happily focus all your attention on preparing your meals. The built-in range hood draws fumes downwards from beside the pans and even communicates with the hob. 



Thanks to cutting-edge inductors, this hob automatically recognises the position and size of the pans. This allows you to place 6 pans wherever you want on the glass ceramic sheet. The FullFlex hob promises a unique cooking experience and makes cooking even more enjoyable.


The future is now
Take advantage of networked household appliances: for example, you can receive a start message on your smartphone for a programmed delayed start or you can be notified when the dish you are preparing is ready to serve. 



This stylish side-by-side solution warms the heart: the combination of a single-door fridge and a single-door freezer offers you even more convenience in the kitchen. With its modern features, the new Jumbo 60i fridge offers plenty of space. Combined with the new Iglu 60i freezer, this solution is a design element offering a high level of functionality.

Winecooler UCSL 60

With this model, our product range boasts another stylish wine cooler that can be installed under the worktop. An absolute highlight is the fully-glazed door without handles that opens at the gentlest of touches.

Warming drawers

Our warming drawers are a perfect match for our other appliances and offer a certain luxury in your daily cooking. The new functions offer you a wide range of possibilities while the vacuum drawer brings a technical innovation into your very home, promising culinary highlights.