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Product imageStandard charcoal filter DA-S, DF, DF-S, LRC1

Standard charcoal filter DA-S, DF, DF-S, LRC1

... The activated charcoal filter cleans polluted cooking vapours and returns them to the room cleaned. The activated charcoal filter must be replaced regularly (approx. every 3 – 12 months). ...

  • Art. no.: H41008

  • Price: CHF 52.00

Product imageConnecting pipe, diameter 125mm

Connecting pipe, diameter 125mm

  • Art. no.: H42032

  • Price: CHF 9.00

Product imageConnecting pipe, diameter 150mm

Connecting pipe, diameter 150mm

  • Art. no.: H42033

  • Price: CHF 11.00

Product image90° elbow, diameter 125mm

90° elbow, diameter 125mm

  • Art. no.: H42034

  • Price: CHF 30.00

Product image90° elbow, diameter 150mm

90° elbow, diameter 150mm

  • Art. no.: H42036

  • Price: CHF 39.00

Product imageReduction ø150-125mm

Reduction ø150-125mm

  • Art. no.: H42040

  • Price: CHF 32.00

Product imagePipe end piece, diameter 150mm

Pipe end piece, diameter 150mm

  • Art. no.: H42048

  • Price: CHF 41.00

Product imageø150 mm pipe clamp with sound absorption lining

ø150 mm pipe clamp with sound absorption lining

  • Art. no.: H42050

  • Price: CHF 23.00

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