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Product imageSpacer set decor 60 black

Spacer set decor 60 black

  • Art. no.: W70172

  • Price: CHF 12.00

Product imageSet of 4 easy prongs

Set of 4 easy prongs

... The Easy prong extensions help to hold very tall glasses, baby bottles, sports drink bottles or vases securely in place. ...

  • Art. no.: W83899

  • Price: CHF 6.00

Product imageSpacer set, white, Dekor Sink

Spacer set, white, Dekor Sink

  • Art. no.: W70136

  • Price: CHF 12.00

Product imageSpacer set decor 60 white

Spacer set decor 60 white

  • Art. no.: W70139

  • Price: CHF 9.00

Product imageSpacer set, nero, Dekor Sink

Spacer set, nero, Dekor Sink

  • Art. no.: W70171

  • Price: CHF 12.00

Product imageVario cutlery basket insert

Vario cutlery basket insert

... The adjustable cutlery basket has room for all types of bulky cutlery, including ladles, wooden spoons, whisks, spatulas or long meat cleavers. ...

  • Art. no.: W83586

  • Price: CHF 62.00

Product imageBayonet nut for upper spray arm

Bayonet nut for upper spray arm

  • Art. no.: W78753

  • Price: CHF 3.00

Product imageSliding plate set 55, 3mm

Sliding plate set 55, 3mm

  • Art. no.: W83582

  • Price: CHF 37.00

Product imageExtra cup support for lower rack for Adora 60SL

Extra cup support for lower rack for Adora 60SL

... The cup rack insert for the lower basket has space for up to 18 cups. Ideal for afternoon tea or the coffee corner in the office. ...

  • Art. no.: W83933

  • Price: CHF 84.00

Product imageSliding plate set 60, 3mm

Sliding plate set 60, 3mm

  • Art. no.: W83583

  • Price: CHF 37.00