65 years of care for textiles in Switzerland

V-ZUG presents a special edition of the Adora washing machine and dryer, two Swiss iconic appliances loved for being resource-friendly, quiet and gentle. Now even more valuable: as an anniversary treat, they are available at our partners with integrated upgrades.

A special edition of Adora for your home

  • Keeping your garments impeccable

    Being gentle with the delicates and powerful with the soiled: this is what Adora does at every use, with minimum time and effort. While the washing machine gives just the right care to every textile, the tumble dryer makes your clothes look and feel great.

  • More features. More care.

    For a limited time, Adora comes with special upgrade programs. Take the best care for lingerie, darks and delicate garments while washing iron-friendly. Enjoy extra silent, ultra-gentle, and energy-saving dryings.

  • Swiss perfection for your clothes

    Our Adora washing machines and dryers are developed, engineered and manufactured in Switzerland, in our plant in Zug. Designed to deliver excellent results, they have a long service life and offer convenience and continuity.

  • Future needs a past

    The world of 1958 was different from the world of today, but Adora was already there: efficient, innovative, and easy to use. Since then, we have continued to improve it with exactly the same aim: bringing simplicity to your home by taking care of textiles.

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