Business Manager

Business Manager job profile

Have you ever wondered how many different jobs there are to do in an office? Are you interested in how letters to customers and invoices are created, for example? Would you like to take on an administrative or organisational role? Do you like helping people on the telephone? Here at V-ZUG Ltd, we provide training that will take your career into the future, with a focus on HR, sales, purchasing, etc.

Your main tasks will include information processing, communication via e-mail and telephone as well as data entry for customer orders. You will collect information, for example, draft letters or look after trial apprentices and school classes when they come to visit. You will also advise our customers with regard to delivery deadlines and work as part of our finance and accounting team. Most of your work will be done on a computer.

You will work in a team and be involved in the day-to-day running of the business. You will forward information to your colleagues within the organisation. You will also have direct contact with customers and manage orders independently on completion of a thorough induction. You will organise events and meetings. As you will be in daily contact with customers, suppliers and other partners via e-mail and on the telephone, we attach great importance to good spoken and written knowledge of German and other languages.


  • You have completed your basic level of education (Volksschule; upper stage of secondary school)
  • You are motivated and committed
  • You are a skilled linguist with a flair for foreign languages
  • You love to organise
  • You have an interest in economic relationships


At V-ZUG Ltd, the 3-year training programme can be completed in the following profiles: E (extended general training), M (vocational school diploma) and VINTO (4-year apprenticeship combined with a high-performance sport). During the apprenticeship period, you will have the opportunity to consolidate what you have learned in 8 different departments. Throughout your apprenticeship, you will attend compulsory vocational school classes 1–2 days a week. You may also work towards your vocational school diploma (Berufsmatura) in parallel to your apprenticeship, after consulting V-ZUG Ltd.

Development opportunities

Many opportunities for personal development will open up to you once you have completed your apprenticeship. If you obtain your vocational school diploma, you may be able to move on to a University of Applied Sciences. If you do not have a vocational school diploma, you can continue your training in a specific profession by pursuing a vocational diploma (FA) or an advanced vocational diploma (HFP), or by attending an advanced vocational school (HF).