Personnel policy

Our company 
We want to be popular and attractive as an employer, both today and in the future. We take our cue from the strong national influence of Switzerland's core values (Swissness, leadership in technology, tradition, innovation, reliability, quality, customer focus) and as a result, we strive to open up new markets with our personal approach and pursuit of excellence. 

Our managers
Our senior members of staff align their leadership work to V-ZUG Ltd's management principles. As a result, target-oriented leadership, dialogue and setting a good example are key. Our senior members of staff tackle problems directly and solve them in a fair way. We also try to ensure that people are granted the appropriate responsibilities for their level of ability. Creating the scope necessary for unfolding and developing the employees' potential is just as important here as recognising strong performance.
Our employees
Our employees are the key to our success. They make a huge contribution to the success of the company and go about their work independently. Within their scope of activities, they are responsible for their own progression and support a constructive dialogue culture. What makes our employees so special is their flexibility, their motivation and their high degree of dedication, as well as the fact that they are experts in their field.

Our principles 
Our company is characterised by fairness, trust and appreciation. We maintain an open and regular exchange of information with our employees and our workers' union. We believe that it is particularly important to support young people, which is why we train young professionals in our company every year. We support our employees in a targeted manner. When it comes to recruitment, we want to make sure we always have the best people for the job and favour internal candidates if two applicants have the same qualifications. We take our employees' health extremely seriously, and it is important for us to be able to offer them state-of-the-art work stations and attractive working conditions. We also take our social responsibility very seriously by treating our employees fairly and with respect. This includes the way in which we deal with long-term absences, resignations, cases of hardship and job-cutting measures. 
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