Classic brands win – V-ZUG takes first place


Classic brands win – V-ZUG takes first place

Most Trusted Brands survey
Brands that are considered socially and environmentally responsible are popular with Swiss consumers, who prefer traditional, trusted brands.

For 13 years now, Reader's Digest has carried out a representative survey to ask consumers in 12 European countries which brands they considered the most trustworthy. The readers are asked to name the brands they trusted most in writing and without prompting. In doing so, they evaluate the brands by quality, value for money, image, and understanding of customer needs.

V-ZUG remains the preferred brand for household appliances
Trust is a key factor in decisions to purchase a given brand of household appliance. You can’t take them for a test drive, taste them or otherwise try them out in advance. The consistent pursuit of quality by V-ZUG is bearing fruit. That the premium appliances are still developed and produced in Zug, and the hundred-year-old enterprise is again remaining loyal to Switzerland as a manufacturing base in its anniversary year, only serves to reinforce its trust credentials.

V-ZUG also leading in ecology
In addition to the survey of the most trusted brand, the consumers also vote for the brand they believe does the most for the environment. Here, too, V-ZUG is the clear front-runner. The company from Zug is setting new standards with innovations like the first washing machine in the world to feature heat pump technology. The election as the greenest vendor in the industry coincides with the commissioning of the biggest photovoltaic plant in the canton of Zug. Solar energy is generated on the roof and the south façade of the monumental ZUGgate logistics centre.