Design and installation

For more flexibility and elegance in the kitchen

Modest and nimble is how the new DIAS10 forced convection hood fits into the new design line from V-ZUG.


The unobtrusive mounting on four fine steel ropes does not hog the limelight but leaves the visual impact to the block above the cooking area. The high load capacity of the rope makes a flue unnecessary. The hood shield makes a great impression as a statement in the interior design: it appears very flat and graceful despite its generous 100cm width. Moreover, the mirror glass effect harmonises well with the built-in appliances from V-ZUG and fits perfectly with the design line of oven, combi-steamer, warming drawer and so on. The clear sensor buttons on the glass ensure that only a slight touch is needed to start up the hood. In addition, the DIAS10 can be operated by remote control, which can be ordered as an accessory.


The adjustable rope mechanism makes the new forced convection hood from V-ZUG highly flexible, allowing it be hung from high ceilings or even sloped roofs. The fact that no exhaust air conduit is required to convey the air out of the building helps to keep the installation costs down.

The island hood impresses with an elegant, straight-line profile, seeming to float weightlessly above the hob. The DIAS10 is a pure forced convection hood, which makes it suitable for use in any kitchen. In particular, it is an ideal solution for Minergie buildings.