Hob extractor

A remarkable new model has been added to the range of high-quality V-ZUG range hoods. The new hob hood is fully integrated in the island or kitchen work surface. It offers maximum flexibility when planning your own kitchen and can be combined in numerous ways with V-ZUG hobs.

Thanks to the strong suction and direct proximity to the hob, cooking smells are quickly drawn down, preventing them from being distributed in the room. The ventilation technology is concealed in the floor unit, offering plenty of storage space inside the floor unit. As a result, the hob hood not only makes a wonderful visual alternative in the kitchen but also does its job inconspicuously.

Cleaning is very simple, and thanks to the fitted collection tray, there are no spillages. This practical finesse makes the hob hood the ideal ventilation solution for open-plan kitchens and cooks with a love of fine design. A refined kitchen appliance that makes the perfect aesthetic and functional addition to a modern, vibrant household where good design is appreciated.

Combination options

New options are available for individual kitchen designs: the modular hob hood can be combined with various types of hob. For example, it is ideal for central installation with combination hobs.