Terms of employment

What we offer

V-ZUG is a member of the employers’ association for the Swiss engineering industry (Swissmem) and is hence subject to the collective labour agreement for the engineering, electrical engineering and metalworking industry.

We are an industrial enterprise offering attractive terms of employment and fringe benefits, including:

  • Competitive pay (Industrial sector)
  • Discounted meals in our own staff canteen
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses and car parking for employees with long journeys to work
  • Sponsoring of "work&life zug" with access to its childcare facilities and counselling services
  • Attractive fringe benefits
  • Funded company pension scheme
  • Discounted sales of V-ZUG products to employees and their families 
  • Own recreational organisations (Tennis, card games, motorcycle club, men's cooking club, etc.)
  • Other attractive perks

We aim to be a desirable and innovative employer today and tomorrow. We take a long-term view, permanently investing in the development of our people and the Zug production facility.