Health and occupational safety

Work has a major impact on well-being and performance. V-ZUG Ltd therefore strives to provide safe, healthy and socially responsible working conditions. 

Various requirements are placed on the different professional groups at V-ZUG Ltd. Each and every one of these is crucial for success. Employees with a high level of vitality will be best placed to cope with the requirements of work, today and in the future. With V-ZUGvitality, the health management system at V-ZUG Ltd, topics relating to the various aspects of health and occupational safety are addressed on a regular basis.

Organization of work: promoting protective factors
Finding enjoyment and motivation in one’s work is conducive to improved creativity, innovation and productivity. V-ZUG Ltd organizes its work in line with health-related factors, based on mutual appreciation and with the support of a good leadership team. 

Occupational safety: reducing work-related risk factors 
Risks for occupational accidents and health problems are identified in a systematic way by learning from prior incidents and by recognizing and reducing potential hazards early on. 

Health promotion: reinforcing well-being
Health-promoting infrastructures and a range of offerings are available to help employees improve their health and find a beneficial work-life balance. 

Care Management: minimizing health problems
At V-ZUG, the issue of limited work capacity is addressed at an early stage. V-ZUG employees who have suffered an accident or are experiencing illness are offered support. If required, assistance can be provided by the company's Case Management or by external specialists.