In-home appliance demonstrations

Have you bought a V-ZUG appliance and not yet got to grips with everything it can do? Then make the most of our home consultation service.

Advisors will visit you in your home to showcase appliance features. Let's make the most of it.

The personal home consultation is free of charge for all kitchen and laundry appliances in convenience level V6000 (appliances in the Excellence Line).

Do you own three kitchen or laundry appliances in the Excellence Line (V2000 and V4000)? If so, you too can benefit from a free home consultation.

If you own fewer than three appliances in the Excellence Line (V2000 and V4000), home consultations are subject to a fee. This is also the case for all appliances in the Advanced Line (V200, V400 and V600). We will charge a flat rate of CHF 120 for consultations that are subject to a fee.  


Contact us and let us know which appliances you own.