Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Oliver Riemenschneider

Chairman of the Board

Prof. Dr. Annelies Häcki Buhofer

Board Member
Member Audit Committee

Dr. Jürg Werner

Board Member
Member Human Resources and Compensation Committee

Prisca Hafner

Board Member
Chairwoman Human Resources & Compensation Committee

Tobias Knechtle

Board Member
Chairman Audit Committee

Petra Rumpf

Board Member


Peter Spirig

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Alberto Bertoz

Senior Vice President International 

Attila Castiglioni

Senior Vice President Service and Marketing 
Swiss Market

Manuel Faeh

Senior Vice President Business Development 

Adrian Ineichen

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Stephan Keller

Senior Vice President Engineering

Max Herger

Senior Vice President Operations (COO)

Sandra Forster

Director of Human Resources


Articles of Incorporation

Organization Regulations

Code of Conduct