Redefining brilliance

For more than 100 years, V-ZUG has been developing products that epitomise Swiss craftsmanship, always striving to make brilliant design even better. The Adora dishwasher exemplifies this commitment to continuous improvement, with new and enhanced features such as remarkably flexible baskets.

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Swiss craftsmanship that you can see and feel

Adora dishwashers showcase V-ZUG’s elegant, minimalist aesthetic and our focus on high-quality materials. The new interior features sleek silver-metallic baskets as well as SoftSlide and SoftClose for a high-end feel. Redesigned pull-out rails ensure a smooth gliding motion to protect delicate glassware when sliding the baskets in and out. And LED-lighting perfectly illuminates the spacious interior. A premium experience down to the very last detail.

Flexibility that redefines ease of use

Designed with space, comfort and flexibility in mind, this dishwasher seamlessly adapts to every need and occasion: It effortlessly accommodates all glasses and tableware. The baskets securely hold dishes, pans and cups. Delicate cutlery finds its place in a dedicated drawer. And large, multifunctional cup rests in the top and lower baskets ensure that precious wine glasses stay safely in place. Intelligent programs take care of the rest, offering unprecedented ease of use.

Performance that delivers spotless perfection

The Adora dishwasher features powerful patented programs that go far beyond everyday requirements and are designed to meet all needs. Ideal for hosting, the Adora dishwashers can warm plates, clean dishes in 11 minutes and come with special Silent and Eco programs. Water hardness control, SteamFinish and flexible baskets ensure gentle yet thorough care for cherished glassware, leaving it pristine and sparkling clean.

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