The most exclusive

The Silent programme runs at an unmatched 37 decibels!

Washing up has never been quieter. The Silent programme runs at an unmatched 38 decibels. This is the same volume as a whisper and twice as quiet as a 40 decibel dishwasher. Because the spray mechanism has been reduced, the programme duration has been extended. This programme is ideal for homes with an open kitchen and adjacent bedrooms. So you can run the dishwasher at any time of day or night, without disturbance.

The SteamFinish programme gets your dishes clean without leaving marks.

Washing up has never delivered shinier results. The world’s first SteamFinish function generates steam inside the dishwasher. Pure steam condenses on the dishes. Steam does not contain salts, minerals or crystals and leaves no trace. The programme is also suitable for plastic items, where droplets often dry on to dishes.

The automatic programme washes ‘to measure’.

Washing up has never been more convenient. The automatic programme only runs until the dishes are clean. At just 55 to 110 minutes, it’s one of the fastest automatic programmes available. An advanced sensor measures the turbidity of the water. If the water is clear, the cycle is ended automatically. With lightly soiled dishes, this may be as little as 55 minutes – with a record low water consumption of only 5 litres! This reduces water, energy and salt consumption by up to 30%.

The fondue/raclette programme washes to a ‘Swiss recipe’.

The Adora has an exclusive feature for Swiss specialities: the fondue/raclette programme. A soaking phase loosens stubborn dirt without the need for manual pre-rinsing. So there’s no need to soak dishes manually. Only use dishwasher-safe tableware. Suitable for fondue pots, raclette pans, baking and gratin dishes.