The most economical

Washing up has never been more economical!

Thanks to the Adora, the only dishwasher on the market to feature a heat pump. The water is heated by an ingenious heat pump system. You save an extra 40% compared with the best energy rating.

Heat pump: a world first

The heat pump is a unit inside the dishwasher consisting of a compressor, ice storage unit, latent heat storage unit and condenser. Combined with conventional dishwasher technology, the result is incredibly low energy consumption, a whole 40% lower than the best declarable rating of A+++. In the Eco declaration programme, the Adora V6000 with heat pump consumes 0.49 kWh of energy. With 280 cycles per year, that represents an annual energy consumption of 137 kWh. If every household in Switzerland used it, the annual energy saving would be twice the annual consumption of the town of Zug! The Adora V6000 with heat pump is a very efficient and eco-friendly dishwasher.

Eco programme

The Eco programme is the most efficient when it comes to water consumption and energy consumption for normally soiled dishes. This programme is useful when speed isn’t an issue. In a dishwasher with a heat pump it’s the most economical by far, consuming just 0.49 kWh of energy. Even in an appliance without a heat pump, consumption is still a very low 0.69 kWh.


The EcoManagement feature helps you keep track of water and energy use. The level of consumption is shown on the display. When you select a programme, the machine indicates how much energy and water the programme will use. At the end of the programme, the actual energy and water consumption are displayed. The amounts may vary depending on the programme, load, extra functions and user settings.

Energy-saving function

The extra energy-saving function reduces the temperature by 5°C. This reduces energy consumption by up to 10% and the lower temperature is also gentler on glasses.

Automatic programme

Up to 65% of all cycles performed with Adora V6000 dishwashers use the automatic programme. Why is it so popular? The automatic programme only runs until the dishes are clean. The favourite programme of Adora users, it uses 30% less water, energy and salt while also saving time. That’s because it’s also one of the fastest automatic programmes available. It takes between 55 and 110 minutes – with a record-breaking low water consumption of just 5 litres!

Tip: Fast, economical washing-up starts at the table. Empty plates mean less dirt to be washed off, which reduces the programme duration.

Delayed start with OptiStart – a world first

The delayed start function allows you to run the dishwasher when electricity tariffs are cheapest. You can set the start time between 30 minutes and 24 hours ahead. If dirty dishes are left to sit in the dishwasher for a long time, the dirt can become very hard to remove. So during the wait time, OptiStart wets the dishes. This allows the actual washing temperature to be reduced later on, reducing energy consumption by up to 10%.

Hot water connection

For households with an ecologically operated hot water tank, the hot water connection in Adora dishwashers provides excellent energy-saving possibilities. If the water supplied from the tank is at 60°C, it can be used to wash dishes without needing to be heated. The ‘no heating’ setting allows the heating unit inside the dishwasher to be completely deactivated, resulting in an energy saving of up to 90%.

Water tank

How does the automatic programme on the Adora SL models get dishes clean with just five litres of water? That’s less than the volume of a garden watering can! It’s the result of several factors, one of which is the water tank. When one cycle is finished, the water from the last rinse enters this tank and can then be used for the first rinse of the next cycle. The tank is between the tub and the outer housing. If no programme is run within 36 hours, the water is automatically drained out. This setting is useful for frequent dishwasher use.

Automatic door opener

The automatic door opener opens the dishwasher door slightly at the end of the programme. This allows steam to escape from the dishwasher gradually, avoiding damage to kitchen units. Meanwhile, the dishes quickly get perfectly dry. This function allows the temperature of the last rinse to be reduced by up to 10°C while still allowing the dishes to dry perfectly. When the automatic door opener is deactivated, the programme duration is extended by 10 minutes. As an additional benefit, the automatic door opener reduces the odour produced when the dishwasher remains closed for a long time after a programme is finished.

Partial load

Are there times when you only need to wash a few dishes in the dishwasher? The partial load programme automatically adapts to the size of the load, saving up to 6 litres of water and up to 36 minutes (depending on the selected programme).