New energy labels
The EU's new, stricter regulation on energy consumption labelling went into force on 1 March 2021. The introduction of the new energy label – with a return to the familiar, but also standardised, energy efficiency scale from A (the best) to G (the worst) – has once again ensured greater transparency in appliance comparisons.

The EU energy labels have been used successfully since 1995. You are familiar with them and take them into account when deciding which product to buy. The introduction of the energy labels promoted competition and supported innovative developments in the industry. Appliances became more and more efficient, with the scale being extended from A–G to A+/A++ or even A+++ depending on the product category. As a result, it is difficult for consumers to identify the best products.

Simplified access to information
Like the old energy labels, the new labels also provide information about further product characteristics of an appliance. More extensive appliance information can now be conveniently accessed via a smartphone by scanning the QR code on the label (link to European product database «EPREL»). 

Top of the class from the outset
The AdoraWash V6000 washing machine with heat pump has achieved the top rating in energy efficiency and spin-drying efficiency from the outset, making it one of the most resource-efficient appliances in its class.

Clever and environmentally friendly washing
You can save water and energy in the AdoraWash V6000 using the Eco programme function or with the various eHybrid levels. Thanks to the EcoManagement feature, it's easy to see the water and energy consumption of each individual wash cycle. OptiTime is an intelligent delayed start function that uses the time available wisely to ensure your clothes are washed in an even more environmentally friendly way. You can even save on detergent, as OptiDos automatically dispenses the exact amount needed in the Adora washing machines.