Keeping up with the times

The history of V-ZUG is simultaneously the history of making life easier and automating work in Swiss homes. Time and again, V-ZUG has set standards with its pioneer work in terms of convenience, design and environmental protection.

The milestones

1913 Establishment of Verzinkerei Zug Ltd as a manual job galvanizing plant

1914 Besides performing job orders, galvanized tinware is also manufactured for home, farm and construction use

1915 Start of the trail of success of the V-ZUG washing machine

1920 At the start of the 20s, Verzinkerei Zug produces the first hand-operated drum washing machine, which makes housework easier.
Washing troughs are added to the sales range. The complete washroom is born

1949 Launch of the Tempo, the first small washing machine for Swiss homes,...

1950 ... and the Unimatic, the first Swiss washing machine

1959-1962 Existing range rounded out by the Adora washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher

1976 Merger of Metallwarenfabrik Zug with Verzinkerei Zug. V-ZUG becomes a full-range supplier for the kitchen and laundry room

1981 Verzinkerei Zug Ltd changes its name to V-ZUG Ltd

1988 75th anniversary of V-ZUG. Launch of the new "2000" series of cookers
Inauguration of the new ZUGORAMA home economics centre  Acquisition of F. Gehrig + Co. AG, Ballwil

1994 The greenest of all washing machines, the Adora., conquers the market

1995 The FantasticLine sets new standards in the kitchen

1996 A new cooking feeling. V-ZUG brings induction cooking to Swiss homes

1998 Washing technology of tomorrow for the environment of today. The Adora washing machine is the first appliance in Switzerland to meet the EN standard for best energy efficiency, best washing effect and best spinning effect

1999 World exclusive: the new Adora dishwasher featuring the limestone sensor

2000 The new dishwasher with "Feeling" (VarioFeeling, AquaFeeling, OekoFeeling)

2001 Combi-Steam SL - the new dimension in roasting and baking

2001 The Unimatic washing machines and tumble dryers gain a new design

2002 The new AluClass longlife from V-ZUG

2004 The new washing/drying generation revolutionizes washing and drying with four world exclusives

2005 The new PremiumDesign kitchen range - perfection in the finish, avant-garde in the form

2006 V-ZUG receives an award at the Swiss EFFIE Night 06 for the "Jetzt spiel ich im Doppel mit Zug" advertising campaign (featuring Martina Hingis as the celebrity endorsement)

2007 World-exclusive GourmetSteam programme integrated in the Combi-Steam

2007 Launch of the world-exclusive V-ZUG MinairComfo

2008 Roll-out of the new Adora SLQ washing machine featuring the world-exclusive V-ZUG WetClean and the Vibration Absorbing System (VAS)

2009 Launch of the fully automatic cooking sensor

2009 market launch of the groundbreaking "FutureLine" redesign for the entire product range for the kitchen

2010 Roll-out of the new V-ZUG 45 line featuring the Combi-Steam XSL and the Coffee-Center XSL

2011 Collaboration in the area of Lifestyle by Zug expanded.

World innovation SteamFinish for the dishwasher

2012 World innovation Daily-Short programme – the first dishwasher to wash normally soiled dishes in just 45 minutes

2013 V-ZUG celebrates its 100th anniversary

2013 World-exclusive washing machine featuring heat pump technology

2015 World-exclusive Combi-Steam MSLQ: healthy, even faster steaming

2016 What up to now was often a case for professional cleaners, is now possible at home at the touch of a button: the RefreshButler, the luxurious fabric care system from V-ZUG has arrived.

2017 The world-exclusive Party programme: With a rinse programme taking only 11 minutes, the new Party programme takes first prize when it comes to speed and is even a world record holder. 

2018 The new Fusion and FullFlex hobs make cooking a great deal easier. 

2019 The World-exclusive DualDry: the new DualDry dries your washing either in the drum or hung up in the room. 

2020 The new Adora dishwasher range boasts a modern panel design and OptiLift – for even greater convenience when washing up.

2021 The all-new generation of appliances sets revolutionary standards when it comes to ovens and steamers. The kitchen appliances of the Excellence Line impress with their minimalist design, interactive operation and perfect cooking results.

2022 The new CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam in the Excellence Line is the fastest combi-steam cooker on the market, combining the hot air, steam and microwave oven operating modes. Food is now prepared in record time using this appliance. 

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