Adding more elegance to the kitchen

Sleek design from V-ZUG

Was something there? The oven or steamer was in full use a moment ago, and now there is no trace of a handle let alone a display. These are all new details from V-ZUG that will delight design-lovers and purists.

The kitchen has always been the heart of any home. It goes without saying that it has to be functional. But in an age of stylish, generously laid out, open living and dining spaces, design is also becoming increasingly important. Gone are the days when amateur cooks worked away behind closed doors. Cooking is now an experience, part of our lifestyle. That's why the kitchen should be integrated as stylishly as possible into the overall look of your house or flat. Two new design ideas from V-ZUG help you achieve just that.

Firstly, the invisible handle. Cupboard doors have long since done away with annoying knobs and handles – now V-ZUG is also dispensing with the oven door handle. Well, not quite: the handle is lowered when the appliance is switched off and rises automatically when switched on. At the end of the cooking process, it disappears back into the front of the appliance of its own accord. This option is available for the ovens and combi-steamers with convenience level SL and mirror glass door.

Paring down to essentials
Secondly: the right touch. What we like about smartphones – the ability to control them with a straightforward and direct tap of the finger – is now also available as a feature in the kitchen. Alongside the turnable adjusting knob, all V-ZUG ovens and steamers now come with sensor buttons that allow users to directly select the most important settings. A nice detail: the heart symbol, which acts as a 'favourites' button. Up to 24 of your favourite recipes can be stored, so the appliance literally cooks and bakes at the touch of a button.

The designers have come up with even more innovations for the higher convenience levels. The appliances additionally boast a full-colour graphic display that not only shows all the functions that have been set at a glance, but also gets the cook's mouth watering with its appetizing background pictures. The photos come from the kitchen of exceptional Swiss chef and V-ZUG ambassador Andreas Caminada, one of the top 50 chefs in the world. The Combi-Steam MSLQ evens permits direct touch control via the display.

Of course, the sensor buttons and display are only visible when the appliance is switched on. Just like the retractable handle, they are discreetly hidden from view once the work is done – a delightful paring down to essentials that will be appreciated by cooks and design aficionados alike.