Pyrolytic self-cleaning and heat ensure cleanliness in a flash

With pyrolytic self-cleaning, dirt gets what it deserves: it is turned to ash through the heating of the cooking space, by increasing the temperature considerably, any remaining ash can then simply be wiped away with a damp cloth. Conveniently, this also allows the inner glass door to be cleaned perfectly. This great feature takes all the hassle out of ever having to clean your oven again.

Catalysis is the classic form of self-cleaning.

Cleanness is systematic at V-ZUG. Just imagine, you're frying or grilling, and your oven removes drops of fat or other particles of dirt from the insides all by itself. This is known as catalysis. This effective function saves you having to clean the oven out for years.

V-ZUG brilliant enamel is easy-to-clean and scratch-resistant.

The smooth, wear-resistant surface is so easy to maintain that you almost forget to clean it afterwards when baking.

V-ZUG TopClean means residues hardly ever stick

The high-tech solution in cleaning assistance. To make the cleaning of the cooking space and baking trays even easier, the enamel has a specially developed coating with outstanding non-stick properties.