Environmentally friendly

Efficient and perfectly clean

Quality also means saving energy

Washing your dishes in a dishwasher saves time and is a lot more economical and environmentally friendly than washing up by hand. While washing up by hand uses around 40 litres of water, an Adora SL uses just 5 litres in its automatic programme. If the dishwasher is connected to a hot water supply, you can also set up a special function, which allows the Adora SL to consume as much as 90 % less energy.

World exclusive – dishwasher with heat pump technology

The Adora SL WP dishwasher (only available in the 60 line) is also equipped with a heat pump: V-ZUG is the first manufacturer to install a highly efficient heat pump in its dishwasher and has thus cut energy consumption by almost 50 % when compared to conventional dishwashers. In the Eco programme, the water is heated exclusively by the heat pump, requiring the least amount of energy. Depending on which programme is selected, a second source of heat is activated to achieve a consistent temperature. The heat emitted by the dishwasher is collected by a latent heat storage device – for an evenly balanced flow of heat in your kitchen.

Economical functions to help both you and your bank balance feel better

V-ZUG's dishwashers are packed full of sophisticated sensors and functions that help you to save even more – from electricity and water to salt and brightener, and ultimately money.

  • Soil sensor: This sensor measures the level of dirt in the water and makes sure that fresh water isn't used if it isn't needed.
  • Water hardness control: The water hardness control function makes sure that the water is the ideal level of hardness throughout the programme. The rinsing agent is more effective, providing gentler care for your crockery and glasses.
  • Rinse agent dosage: The amount of rinse agent is automatically adapted to the water hardness and load – saving rinse agent for you.
  • Energy saving button: Reduces the temperature by 5 °C, saving 10 % more energy.
  • Part load programme: Automatically adjusts the programme to a lower load, thus saving up to 6 litres of water and 30 minutes of time.
  • Automatic door opener: The door is released automatically at the end of the rinse programme. This reduces the drying phase, saving valuable energy.
  • OptiStart: The intelligent delayed start function uses the waiting time before the programme starts to wet the dishes. When the rinse cycle begins the dirt has already been softened so the appliance can run at a lower temperature. Energy consumption is thus reduced by around 10 %.
  • EcoManagement: With EcoManagement, V-ZUG supports you in checking the energy consumption of your appliance and rinsing with resource-conserving programmes.

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