Installation method


Built-in range hoods and integrated range hoods are installed in the top cabinet or in a specially constructed cover. By integrating them into the kitchen design, they become almost invisible. Depending on the design, the hood can leave room for cooking utensils.

Hob hoods

For plenty of headroom and a puristic kitchen design: The hob hood is installed in the kitchen surface and the cooking vapours are drawn down directly. Thanks to the recessed collection tray, there are no spillages and cleaning is quick and practical. The tray has a storage capacity of 0.5 litres. It can be easily removed from its trough and cleaned in the dishwasher together with the metal grease filter. 

Island hood

They are a centrepiece of the kitchen. There are high expectations in terms of design and technology. V-ZUG island hoods are required to meet ever more diverse and ever more individual requirements with regard to form, price and performance. This is why we offer a wide range of beautiful and robust island hoods.

Wall hood

Our range of wall hoods covers every eventuality. Appliances are available in all price classes. Why V-ZUG? Elegance, great functions – and wall hoods that are almost all available as extracted air or recirculation models.

Built-in hoods

Our range of built-in range hoods is very broad, covering everything from the simplest models with slide switches to built-in range hoods with glass pull-out deflector plates. All hoods are easy to install and can be used in extraction or forced-convection mode.

Ceiling range hood

In kitchens with modern designs, the island marks the transition from living area to kitchen in many ways. An island hood can form a visual highlight, but can also restrict the view into the living area in open-plan rooms. The ceiling range hood, on the other hand, creates open spaces. The hood integrates perfectly into modern, puristic kitchens.