All the convenience and space you want

All V-ZUG FoodCenters excel in energy efficiency class A++. The appliances also feature a power-saving mode and a holiday function, which means you save even more energy.

Simple to operate with TouchControl

The new electronics support a wide range of functions that are easy to call up using touch fields and tracked on the LCD. Among other thing, you can set the temperature individually for three zones, start fast-refrigeration or fast-freezing and activate the energy-saving mode or holiday function. The concept also features a clock and a timer.

Refreshingly different – the ice-cube and water dispenser

You deserve some refreshment, be it with freshly chilled drinking water, ice cubes or ice shards. No longer do you have to go to the trouble of carrying water around. All you need is a direct connection to the mains water supply.

Cutting-edge cooling technology from V-ZUG

In the vegetable drawer, moisture levels regulate themselves. This provides ideal conditions for fruit and vegetables: the quality and storage life of the food is guaranteed for longer. The top drawer has cooler temperatures which are ideal for storing meat, cold cuts and fish. The dynamic convection cooling system, DynamicAirflow, ensures that the cold air is circulated and distributed evenly, and that temperatures remain stable on each individual level. This means you can always be flexible when deciding where to place your food in the fridge. And last but not least, the NoFrost convection cooling system prevents the freezer compartment from icing up – you will never have to defrost it again.