Adora options

Cold/warm water

This option makes sense if your home has a solar-powered hot water preparation system. You can save up to 70% energy per cycle (depending on the programme selected), which would otherwise be required for heating the water.

Soft water

This option covers two different requirements and facilitates the use of alternative water via a second connection with additional valves and control.
1. Softened (decalcified) water
In areas with hard water (+32 °fH), houses often have a central water softening system. With the Soft Water option, the softened water can be used for washing and for the first rinsing cycle. The washing machine is thus optimally protected against limescale damage.
2. Collected rainwater
If there is a rainwater storage tank installed, this water can be used for washing and for the first rinsing cycle. Helping to save up to 50% fresh water.
Second suds pump

This option is required if the water drainage is more than 120 cm above ground. Thanks to an additionally installed pump, the water can be pumped at a maximum height of 190 cm.

OptiDos – Perfect dosing

You no longer need to worry about dosing the right amount of detergent – our Adora machines with OptiDos function dose your detergent automatically and to a high degree of precision. The machines are equipped with two tanks, each with a maximum capacity of 1.2 litres of liquid detergent, allowing you to run around 25 wash cycles without topping up the detergent, depending on usage, load size and water hardness. The tanks are quick and easy to clean using the practical cleaning programme.