Conserving resources with V-ZUG

OptiTime – a world first by V-ZUG
With its comprehensive EcoManagement solution, we help you to run an environmentally friendly and responsible household. The OptiTime delayed start function is part of V-ZUG's EcoManagement solution. The latest generation of Adora washing machines are the first appliances in the world to be equipped with this intelligent function. How does OptiTime work? You load your washing into the drum, select the washing programme you want, and then use OptiTime to pick the time you want the programme to end. A normal delayed start function does not start the programme until absolutely necessary to make sure your washing is finished on time. OptiTime on the other hand starts the programme earlier and uses the time available to make sure your wash is more environmentally friendly. Your Adora with OptiTime uses normal heating output with a reduced washing temperature and automatically extends the duration of the programme. As a result, OptiTime is able to achieve exactly the same result as a normal washing programme right on schedule for the time you have requested – it's just a lot more energy-efficient.

EcoManagement: even more economical on request 
V-ZUG's EcoManagement function enables you to display how much energy and water your washing machine uses, as well as the projected consumption before you start a wash: with the Eco button, which can be selected with each programme, the programme will run for slightly longer but consumes less energy. With the Adora SLQ WP washing machine, you can even choose from a number of EcoHybrid settings depending on how much time you have. The highest EcoHybrid setting helps you to achieve record energy efficiency: you save up to 55 % more energy than a conventional washing machine. 

EcoManagement: even more economical drying on request 
V-ZUG's EcoManagement solution allows you to keep a close eye on your dryer's energy consumption: a consumption display shows you the projected energy requirements before the start of the programme and then shows the actual consumption levels once the programme has finished. On request, you can also display the appliance's total energy consumption or the average consumption over the last 25 programmes. For full transparency during drying.  

EcoHybrid levels for the Adora SLQ WP
The energy consumed compared to a standard washing machine is further reduced by approx. 55%. The Adora SLQ WP with heat pump technology is thus the most economical washing machine from V-ZUG, going easy on both the environment and your wallet.

The various EcoHybrid stages
The Adora SLQ WP adapts itself to your wishes in terms of energy saving. The chart explains the various EcoHybrid stages using a 60°C programme.

Partial load water and energy economy

In order to prevent excessive use of energy and water during every cycle, the sophisticated sensor system ensures that energy and water consumption are specifically adapted to the quantity and type of load. There is thus no problem washing smaller loads with the economical washing machines from V-ZUG.

Saving energy and still maintaining hygienic standards

Frequent washing at low temperatures is one way to reduce energy consumption. Because at washing temperatures of 20°C or less, a considerable amount of energy can be saved. One aspect often overlooked, however, is appliance hygiene. Over time, unwanted germs and unpleasant smells can develop in a washing machine.
To ensure this does not happen, the hygiene recommendation has been developed for the new Adora washing machines. The control panel display notifies the user if a programme with a temperature of at least 60°C has not been chosen for some time. You can then either select a programme with a temperature of at least 60°C or the Appliance Hygiene programme (steam cleaning, SLQ WP, SLQ, SL and S models). This will guarantee not only that your clothes are perfectly clean, but that your washing machine remains hygienically clean throughout its entire service life.