Variety of programmes from V-ZUG

Steam anti-crease replaces ironing

The new Adora is the first washing machine to use steam to guard the washing against creasing. It does this so thoroughly that, in most cases, there is no need to iron the garment afterwards. A sensational time-saving function. The world exclusive can be used as an additional programme with just about any other programme. Maybe some time passes between washing and ironing. In that case, you can use steam anti-crease as a separate additional programme to remove creases and moisten the garments.

Fabric types – the right treatment for a range of fabrics

Fabric types – the right treatment for a range of fabrics
This button enables you to directly select a range of different programmes – for silks, baby garments, denim, bedding, towelling or a number of other fabric types. Take the baby garments programme for instance; it keeps your baby's clothes superbly soft to protect against skin irritation, while achieving perfect hygienic results. By using lower temperatures, the special down programme applies exceptionally gentle treatment to the fabric and dries your downs so that they are fluffy and soft, right down to the very last feather. 

WetClean – gentle care for your finest items of clothing

V-ZUG has developed a brand new piece of technology for the Adora SLQ/SLQ WP. The world’s first WetClean function provides particularly gentle care for your finest pieces of clothing – even more gentle than any hand wash programme. This allows you to treat even your most sensitive fabrics in your washing machine.

The world-exclusive anti-mite programme helps allergy sufferers breathe a sigh of relief

Allergens are what set off allergies. These notably include the dust mite drippings that are responsible for breathing difficulties. Dust mites are considered very tough. But none of them survive the anti-mite programme in the new Adora. It runs for at least an hour at 60°C, and then everything is rinsed so thoroughly that nothing of even the mite droppings remains.

Skin protection programme

Adora washing machines also come with the skin protection programme – developed specially for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin: an optimised rinsing process makes sure that no washing powder is left on your clothes.

Super-fast sprint programme for everyday washing

With the fast sprint programme from V-ZUG, your 40°C washing is finished after only 28 minutes and your 60°C washing after only 39 minutes when using the Adora washing machine. These top times are possible with the Adora SL, SLQ and SLQ WP with 400 V mains connection.

The favourites button starts your preferred programme

With the Adora SLQ and the Adora SL, you can save the programmes you use most often and call them up quickly and conveniently.