Switzerland’s leading top chefs put their trust in the Combi-Steam by V-ZUG


Switzerland’s leading top chefs put their trust in the Combi-Steam by V-ZUG

Switzerland’s best chefs use the Combi-Steam on a daily basis to create their gala menus, though it was actually designed for use in domestic kitchens. This benefits not just their restaurant guests, but also anyone who uses it at home. These top-notch chefs regularly contribute recipe suggestions and tips & tricks.

The V-ZUG engineers have successfully incorporated the expertise of the culinary pros in both the software and hardware of our kitchen appliances and made the Combi-Steam even better. Everyone that prepares meals at home can benefit from the professional technology, in that it is not only utterly simple to operate but also guaranteed to deliver excellent results. All it takes is the touch of a button, and our chefs’ combined professional expertise is implemented all by itself within the appliances.

Top chefs such as Tanja Grandits (Chef of the Year 2014), Andreas Caminada (one of the top 50 chefs in the world), Nenad Mlinarevic (shooting star from Parkhotel Vitznau), Stefan Meier (has worked with V-ZUG for over 10 years) and Philippe Rochat (“grand old man” of the sector) put their trust in the Combi-Steam day-in, day-out. With its technologically unique precision, its quick response and its versatility, the Combi-Steam, which is developed and manufactured in Switzerland, performs valuable services on your behalf.

An online world for gourmets

To let hobby chefs too benefit from this collaboration with the top chefs, the online portal www.vzug.ch/lifestyle features video clips that, among other things, afford behind-the-scenes insight into top-level Swiss gastronomy. In addition, the portal offers a multitude of recipes plus valuable tips and tricks. This online world for gourmets has attracted quite a fan community that is regularly kept updated through the newsletter.