V-ZUG: EcoManagement: a decision to help the environment

EcoManagement – Taking responsibility at home
V-ZUG raises awareness and motivates users to make their households more environmentally-friendly on a day-to-day basis. V-ZUG's EcoManagement solution comprises a range of functions that enable you to check your appliances' water and electricity consumption straight away so that you can select the most economical programmes. Washing machines and dryers, for instance, can show you the projected energy and water consumption for a specific programme and then inform you about actual consumption levels after the end of the programme. You can also actively influence how much your appliances consume: washing machines and tumble dryers come with an Eco button that can be selected with each programme – the programme then runs for slightly longer but consumes less energy. Appliances that support EcoManagement functions are the ideal companions for a modern, resource-efficient lifestyle.

Function: V-ZUG EcoManagement

Before every wash cycle, the V-ZUG EcoManagement system quickly displays the expected water and energy consumption on the appliance in a simple format. Once the programme has finished, the actual water and electricity consumption values (litres/kWh) are shown, along with other statistics.

Function: V-ZUG Eco 

The EcoFunction saves energy quickly – simply select the wash programme you require and then press the Eco button.

The highest EcoHybrid eco level on the V-ZUG AdoraWash V6000 saves up to 55 % more energy compared to a conventional washing machine.

V-ZUG OptiTime – delayed start saves energy by making the best use of the time available

OptiTime takes the conventional delayed start function and makes it intelligent. It automatically reduces energy requirements by making the best use of the time available. All fabrics are gently cleaned to perfection, only spending as much time as the programme requires in the suds. V-ZUG OptiTime is a valuable part of our commitment to protecting the environment.