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Selected appliance

Article no. 3300700123
EAN code 7640151635916
Short designation EN1c
Front design ChromeClass

Display and operation

Controls retractable dial

Control features

Premium Swiss Quality   Yes
Combined with Glass ceramic hob
Cooking zones 1
Installation method single switch

Service and interfaces

Warranty 2 years

Also available with/as (*)

Front design Mirror glass

(*) Not all combinations are available. Ask your retailer for advice.

Technical data


Niche height 82 mm
Max. niche height 83 mm
Niche width 74 mm
Max. niche width 75 mm
Appliance height 90 mm
Max. appliance height 90 mm
Appliance width 86 mm
Appliance depth 195 mm
Empty weight 0.8 kg


Type of connection 400V 2~
Type of connection 400V 3~
Frequency (1) 50Hz
Frequency (2) 50Hz
Connected loads 2.3 kW
Connected loads 2.3 kW
Fuse protection 10 A
Fuse protection 10 A

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