AdoraDish V2000

  • Cutlery drawer


  • OptiLift


  • V-ZUG-Home


  • Controls


  • Interface

    WLAN and Bluetooth

  • Technology


  • Type of connection (1)

    230 V~

  • Price 

    CHF 2'820.00

  • Better than energy class  
  • Drying efficiency rating Drying efficiency rating
  • Premium Swiss Quality  
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Selected product

Article no. 4110600013
EAN code 7630029436394
Predecessor’s article number 4105200060
Controls TouchControl
Standard width 60 cm
Size standard
Front design Nero
Handle Recessed handle
All connections (water and electric) 1.5 m

Display and operation

Display LCD
Number of languages in display 6
Languages in display   de, en, es, fr, it, rm
Number of lights 0

Dishwasher features

Cutlery drawer Without
Premium Swiss Quality   Yes
Additional row for glasses Yes
4-way adjustable upper basket   Yes
Capacity standard place settings 13
Special function hot water connection   Yes
salt / rinse aid refill indicator Yes
Aquastop   Yes
EcoStandby   Yes
Large cutlery basket Yes
Programmes 7
Turbidity sensor   Yes
Adjustable height 116 mm
Technology   conventional
Salt consumption per wash 8 g
Easy prong extension   Yes
Installation in tall unit Yes

Service and interfaces

Frequency range 2,4 GHz
WLAN as standard 802.11 b/g/n
ZUG-eye Yes
V-ZUG-Home   Yes
Warranty 2 years
Interface   WLAN and Bluetooth

Also available with/as (*)

Standard width 55 cm
Sliding plate Yes
Front design White, ChromeClass, Fully integratable
All connections (water and electric) 3 m
Handle without
Reinforced spring Yes
Size Large capacity

(*) Not all combinations are available. Ask your retailer for advice.

  • Pictogram forChildproof look Childproof look  
  • Pictogram forAutomatic programme Automatic programme  
  • Pictogram forGlass programme Glass programme  
  • Pictogram forIntensive Intensive  
  • Pictogram forAll-in-1 option All-in-1 option  
  • Pictogram forPre-rinse Pre-rinse  
  • Pictogram forEco programme Eco programme  
  • Pictogram forEnergy saving Energy saving
  • Pictogram forAutomatic door ejector Automatic door ejector

Technical data


Niche height 786 mm
Max. niche height 902 mm
Niche width 600 mm
Max. niche width 600 mm
Niche depth 580 mm
Appliance height 780 mm
Max. appliance height 896 mm
Appliance width 596 mm
Appliance depth 572 mm
Depth of appliance when door is open 1157 mm
Appliance depth including distance to wall 580 mm
Empty weight 47 kg


Lowest water consumption for automatic programme 8.0 l
Automatic shut-off consumption with network switched on 0.95 W
Energy efficiency rating A+++
Better than energy class   A+++ -10%
Annual water consumption 2744 l
Annual energy consumption 206 kWh
Energy consumption of standard cleaning cycle 0.732 kWh
Water consumption per standard cycle 9.8 l
Drying efficiency rating A
Type of connection (1) 230 V~
Frequency (1) 50 Hz
Connected loads (1) 2.2 kW
Fuse protection (1) 10 A
Plug type CH Typ 12
Connection cable 1.5 m
Water pressure 1-10 bar

Additional data

Pressure hose G 3/4 1.55 m
Noise output 43 dB(A)

The following accessories go with this device

Product imageDecor front panel 60 cm nero

Decor front panel 60 cm nero

Art. no. W81459
  • Price: CHF 179.00

Product imageDecorative plate set connecting piece (2 pt)

Decorative plate set connecting piece (2 pt)

Art. no. W73130
  • Price: CHF 37.00

Product imageDecorative system, 55 cm, black

Decorative system, 55 cm, black

Art. no. W83575
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Product imageDecorative system, 55 cm, white

Decorative system, 55 cm, white

Art. no. W83576
  • Price: CHF 179.00

Product imageExtra cup support for lower rack

Extra cup support for lower rack

Art. no. W83934
  • Price: CHF 84.00

Product imageLower basket for glasses GS55

Lower basket for glasses GS55

Art. no. 1013006
  • Price: CHF 204.00

Product imageLower basket for glasses GS60

Lower basket for glasses GS60

Art. no. 1013007
  • Price: CHF 204.00

Product imageSet of 4 easy prongs

Set of 4 easy prongs

Art. no. W83899
  • Price: CHF 6.00

Product imageSet sliding special for SMS

Set sliding special for SMS

Art. no. W84788
  • Price: CHF 37.00

Product imageSliding plate set 55, 3mm

Sliding plate set 55, 3mm

Art. no. W83582
  • Price: CHF 37.00

Product imageSliding plate set 60, 3mm

Sliding plate set 60, 3mm

Art. no. W83583
  • Price: CHF 37.00

Product imageSpacer set decor 60 black

Spacer set decor 60 black

Art. no. W70172
  • Price: CHF 12.00

Product imageSpacer set decor 60 white

Spacer set decor 60 white

Art. no. W70139
  • Price: CHF 9.00

Product imageSpacer set, nero, Dekor Sink

Spacer set, nero, Dekor Sink

Art. no. W70171
  • Price: CHF 12.00

Product imageSpacer set, white, Dekor Sink

Spacer set, white, Dekor Sink

Art. no. W70136
  • Price: CHF 12.00

Product imageSpecial sliding panel set for EURO standard

Special sliding panel set for EURO standard

Art. no. W84789
  • Price: CHF 37.00

Product imageVario cutlery basket insert

Vario cutlery basket insert

Art. no. W83586
  • Price: CHF 62.00

Product imageWork surface protection 550

Work surface protection 550

Art. no. W70162
  • Price: CHF 12.00

Product imageWork surface protection set 600

Work surface protection set 600

Art. no. W70163
  • Price: CHF 12.00

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