V6000 I705 FullFlex

The FullFlex redefines induction cooking. It offers outstanding flexibility by supporting the use of up to six pots of any shape and size anywhere on the cooking surface. A hob designed to live up to the highest standards of culinary creativity.

Designs available

  • grey

  • black


CHF 4’250.00

V-ZUG Hob CookTop V6000 I705 FullFlex, Induction, Standard width: 70 cm, grey, DualDesign, Single slider,Slider control, Cooking zones: Flexible hob
  • Flexibility beyond set cooking zones

    Up to 48 state-of-the-art inductors automatically detect the position and size of cookware. Home chefs can use up to six pots and pans simultaneously and move cookware anywhere on the surface without losing power. The advanced memory function ensures the timer and other settings aren’t lost.
  • High performance and precision

    The FullFlex’s unique induction technology uses ample power to ensure that all cookware is supplied with adequate energy, no matter where it is placed. 18 power levels offer extremely precise temperature control.
  • Intuitive and subtle

    The hob features a large full-touch colour display for intuitive and simple operation. A fine, elegant surface treatment protects the glass ceramic surface. When not in use, only the discreet power switch, subtle guiding lines and the V-ZUG logo are visible.
  • Professional mode

    Restaurant-style cooking at home

    Professional mode offers a restaurant-style cooking experience: Users control the power levels by moving the cookware back and forth on the surface.

  • Stainless-steel plate

    Teppanyaki for home chefs

    The full-depth stainless-steel plate with wooden handles automatically activates the Teppanyaki mode for a unique and exciting cooking experience.

  • Full-colour touch display

    Intuitive operation

    The full-colour touch display shows all cookware and their respective settings. It allows for easy selection and control of up to six pots and pans.

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