V2000 178FGI

A full-height, single-door refrigerator featuring a unique modular bottle drawer with removable bottle basket and 2 special containers as well as an integrated freezer compartment.

Designs available

  • Fully integratable


CHF 2’820.00

Energy efficiency class

Energy efficiency class
  • First-class flexibility in food storage

    The modular and adaptable bottle drawer maximally simplifies food storage. It comes with a bottle basket and two versatile boxes – multiuse and KeepFresh – to suit different preferences. While the removable bottle basket ensures easy storage of bottles, the multiuse box promotes organisation, serving various purposes. The KeepFresh box extends the shelf life of produce, thus reducing food waste.
  • Double back wall design

    Featuring a sleek interior finish, the Cooler V2000 offers more than just aesthetic appeal. The innovative double back wall design prevents visible water droplets and freezing, allowing food to be placed directly up against the back wall. This grants users more flexibility when organising the contents of the fridge.
  • Made in Switzerland

    Designed, developed, and manufactured in Sulgen, this appliance embodies Swiss-made perfection. Crafted with unwavering precision and attention to detail, it serves as a testament to the exceptional high quality and craftsmanship that products from Switzerland are known for.
  • ClimateControlPlus

    Enhanced cooling conditions

    Steady airflow ensures ideal temperature distribution and humidity levels, which allows for the flexible placement of food – no extra energy consumed.

  • Class A noise level

    Exceptionally quiet operation

    Cooler V2000 is the quietest in its class, without the use of extra programs or features. For an atmosphere of calm, especially in open-plan kitchens.

  • Separate temperature control

    Cooling precision perfected

    The temperature of the fridge section (+3 to +8 degrees) and freezer compartment (-20 to -17 degrees) can be set independently for precise cooling and tailored freshness.

Product information

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Quick freezing
Quick cooling
Holiday function

Further accessories

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