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    • Maintenance and Cleaning

    Do fluff filters need to be cleaned?

    The appliance has one fluff filter and two filter mats. Since the gentle stream of air and extremely gentle treatment only remove a small amount of fluff from the fabric, the fluff filter only needs to be emptied occasionally. The appliance automatically detects when the fluff filter is heavily clogged. A notification appears in the display when the fluff filter needs cleaning.

    • Functions, tips and tricks

    How are creases reduced?

    Applying steam makes the textile fibres smooth, causing creases to unfold. Clothing is smoothed out using a combination of its own weight and a gentle stream of air.

    • Functions, tips and tricks

    How effectively are creases removed?

    The extent to which creases are removed very much depends on the type of fabric, as the fibre types all behave differently. Creases in textiles made from cotton and polyester fabric blends or wool, for instance, can be removed significantly more effectively than those in textiles made from linen, cotton or silk. A superior crease removal effect can also be achieved with cotton shirts labelled as "anti-crease" or "easy-care".

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    Can rain-soaked clothes also be dried?

    Yes, wet clothes can easily be dried again in next to no time using the additional drying programme.

    • Functions, tips and tricks

    Can all textiles be refreshed in the RefreshButler?

    Virtually all of them – but we advise against using the RefreshButler on water-sensitive fabrics such as fur or leather.

    • Functions, tips and tricks

    How does the RefreshButler dry the clothes?

    The integrated heat pump and the ventilation system blow warm air into the interior and whisk away the humid air.

    • Maintenance and Cleaning

    What steps need to be taken if the appliance is not going to be used for an extended period of time?

    If you are not going to use the appliance for an extended period of time, empty the water tank and open the appliance door.

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    How are textiles sanitised?

    The additional hygiene programme eliminates germs using an elevated temperature (above 60 °C) over a longer exposure time. Independent laboratory trials have confirmed a reduction in germs of up to 99.99 %.

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    How does the refresh programme work and how does it remove unpleasant odours?

    The refresh programme draws out and then eliminates odours from textiles using a combination of an elevated temperature and steam.

    • Functions, tips and tricks

    Is an artificial odour applied to the fabric during the refresh programme?

    No – the photocatalysis process only removes odours and does not apply odorous or odour-masking substances to the fabric. A cupboard deodoriser can be used to match the scent to your liking.

    • Maintenance and Cleaning

    Why and how often does the RefreshButler need to be descaled?

    The appliance automatically detects when descaling is necessary. If the refresh or hygiene programmes are used every 2 days, the following descaling intervals will be necessary: Descaling interval depending on water hardness: ▪ Hard: approx. every 3 months ▪ Medium: approx. every 4 months ▪ Soft: approx. every 7 months

    • Maintenance and Cleaning

    Which descaling solutions are suitable?

    We recommend only using durgol swiss steamer for descaling.  Standard descaling solutions are not suitable as they may contain foam-creating additives or not be effective enough. Using a different descaler could cause overfoaming, inadequate descaling or, in extreme cases, damage to the appliance.

    • Functions, tips and tricks

    How does it eliminate germs and bacteria from clothing?

    Recurring cycles of steam and special photocatalysis technology remove 99.99 % of germs and bacteria from clothing.

    • Functions, tips and tricks

    Can body odour also be removed from fabrics?

    Yes, in principle, body odour can also be removed from fabrics. It should be kept in mind, however, that body odour is produced to help remove bacteria. Since sweat is unique to each individual, the treatment result may differ from person to person. We recommend washing sweaty clothes.

    • Functions, tips and tricks

    How is the odour removal function in the RefreshButler different to other drying cabinet appliances?

    The RefreshButler actually eliminates odorous substances, thereby removing odours with a lasting effect. Other appliances simply mask odorous substances with perfume or odour-masking scents during the refresh programme.

    • Commissioning and operation

    When does the water tank need to be filled or emptied?

    We recommend filling the fresh water tank at the start of each programme and emptying both tanks at the end of each programme.The appliance automatically detects and notifies you when the condensation tank is full or the fresh water tank is empty.