We have double the opportunity to make a sustainable difference: by making our appliances efficient in use and manufacturing them as efficiently as possible.

We tackle our CO2 emissions by preventing, reducing and offsetting. An example is our internal CO2 levy taxes (120 CHF/tCO2) emissions, which both incentivises, and finances, efforts to reduce them. The effect of such initiative is that production is now CO2 neutral and has been since 2020 (Scope 1 and 2 according to Greenhouse Gas Protocol).

In order to be carbon-neutral today, we have been fully compensating for our direct emissions and partially compensating for our indirect emissions since 2020 with our own forest – the V-Forest.

We are Swiss-made, carbon neutral and unsatisfied. We create and utilise renewable energy, covering most of our consumption, increasing it every year as we move to complete renewables. Our carbon emissions are offset via our reforestation project (V-Forest) in Scotland with the Ripa Gar Foundation. Customers are also given the opportunity to offset the emissions during use and join us in our reforestation project. But there is always more to be done. Most pressing are perhaps the emissions we have not yet made, we are urgently striving to never make them. We set ourselves the target to reduce the remaining emissions by –80% until 2030 (base year 2020, long term ambition –100%).

Together for a more sustainable future

With the new CO2 webshop, V-ZUG is offering customers the opportunity to easily offset these emissions and thus make a contribution to combating climate change.