Mobility for employees and the environment

The introduction of a mobility concept and smart work principles for V-ZUG’s employees has significantly reduced private motorised transport to and from the V-ZUG site. Measures taken include levying a mobility charge and parking space fees, reducing on-site hours, and promoting flexible, environmentally friendly conduct with regard to mobility.

The mobility concept entered into effect in August 2020. The aim was to use available parking options more efficiently and advocate for alternative, low-emission forms of transport within three years. Elsewhere, V-ZUG introduced the smart work principles in January 2023 in direct response to the positive experiences of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. These principles allow employees to be more flexible in where and when they work, cutting down on commutes in the process.

Reducing parking spaces by 26%

Back in 2020, V-ZUG had 512 parking spaces for employees at its site. A decline in their use means this number will be reduced to 380 spaces by the start of 2024 – equating to a 26% reduction in parking space availability. A look at the number of employees on site (currently 1,120) and average parking space use reveals that private motorised transport to and from the V-ZUG site is currently at 21%.

“As a production company, it is our responsibility to be sustainable in all our commercial activities. Part of this involves reducing the amount of traffic at our production site,” states Peter Grossenbacher, Head of Infrastructure at V-ZUG. “Our efforts to significantly reduce parking space availability and the fact that only one in five employees now comes to work by car or motorbike show how targeted measures can have a major impact.”

“We are keen to raise awareness among our employees about sustainability,” states Marcel Niederberger, Head of Sustainability at V-ZUG. “This calls for initiatives across all levels of society: in politics, in business and by us as individuals.”

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Information concerning the measurable aspects of our activities can be found in the detailed report.