Our sustainability strategy

We see sustainability as a holistic concept that encompasses our entire value chain on an ecological, social and entrepreneurial level. Responsible business is not just a passing fad for us; it’s something that shapes our decision-making and the work we do on a daily basis.

  • Products and services for a future-fit society

    Making an energy efficient appliance is one, very important, aspect of sustainability. There is much more to consider. From procurement, development, manufacture, service, re-use and recycling, throughout the full life cycle of the appliance, sustainability is more than a consideration for us, it is the goal. Measurable, definable, achievable.
  • Healthy and committed employees

    A workforce that is cared for, cares about their work. The quality of our products are dependent upon our employees, therefore we involve them in the strategic direction of the business, foster an open, fair and safe work environment, encourage and facilitate lifelong learning and seek to promote from within.
  • Environment and climate protection

    Through intensive research, measurement, analysis and investment, we have reduced and offset our carbon footprint, being carbon neutral in production since 2020. Through an internal CO2 tax, future looking decarbonisation initiatives, life cycle assessement and reforestation programme, we continue to pursue true sustainability and provide a blueprint for others to follow.
  • Entrepreneurship for sustainable prosperity

    We are committed to our Swiss home, investing over CHF 50 million a year in the local production infrastructure in the past three years. The pursuit of profit, our business partnerships and overall management is conducted ethically and sustainably, in line with our binding Code of Conduct.

Download our sustainability report

Information concerning the measurable aspects of our activities can be found in the detailed report.