V-Upgrade: customized V-ZUG appliances in just a few clicks

Using a digital V-Upgrade, you can adapt your Adora washing machine and Adora tumble dryer to your personal and ever-changing needs, making them a sustainable investment.

A V-Upgrade is also an easy way to expand the scope of functions available for the AdoraWash V2000 and V4000 and the AdoraDry V2000 and V4000. It offers you convenient options for customizing your appliances and huge flexibility when purchasing appliances, as it allows you to cover needs that only arise after purchase. Adora laundry appliances stay up to date for many years into the future and do not have to be replaced as your needs change. This protects the investment you make in your household appliances.

While software updates can update the existing appliance functions, V-Upgrade offers a way of enhancing performance to include additional functions and programmes. There are various V-Upgrade packages available, and these can be loaded into the appliances in one go. 

Not sure if the V-Upgrade you've selected is the right package for you? You are welcome to test the package for six weeks before making a final decision.

Expand functions with just a few clicks

In order to take advantage of the upgrades, you need an Adora laundry appliance that is able to receive V-Upgrades. All you have to do is link the appliance to the V-ZUG app and check what offers are available for it. With just a few clicks, you can select the upgrade and pay using your preferred payment method. 
The new functions are then transferred to the connected appliance, after which they are available forever.


The following information concerns our Adora washing machines – information about V-Upgrades for our Adora tumble dryers can be found here.

Upgrade packages for Adora washing machines

Wash V6000
Wash V4000
Wash V2000
CHF 149

No time for ironing? Worried about damaging your favourite lingerie in the wash? Love dark colours? Want additional temperature programmes? Then we have the right expansion pack for you. Our FlexClean digital upgrade allows you to upload the functions and programmes you want as expansions.

The FlexClean package for your AdoraWash V4000 includes the following programmes and functions:

  • Steam anti-crease Plus: An expansion to the Steam anti-crease programme, you can also select Steam anti-crease Plus for an even better crease guard effect, saving time when ironing.
  • WetClean: This programme washes your most delicate garments particularly gently – with even greater care than any hand wash programme.
  • Black hand-wash: Optimized rinsing with a higher water level and longer rinsing time for dark textiles – retaining dark colours for longer.
  • Lingerie: Particularly gentle wash for your delicate textiles such as lingerie or other textiles that bear the care symbol.
  • Temperature programmes: 50 °C, 70 °C or cold – with additional temperature settings, you can wash flexibly to your individual needs.
CHF 199              

No time for ironing? Want to take good care of your favourite silk blouse? Interested in convenient washing? Then we have the right expansion pack for you. Our ComfortClean digital upgrade allows you to upload the functions and programmes you want as expansions.

The ComfortClean package for your AdoraWash V2000 includes the following programmes and functions:

  • Steam anti-crease: Steam anti-crease can be selected in addition to almost all programmes and significantly reduces creasing – saving you more time when ironing.
  • Appliance hygiene: This programme eliminates unpleasant odours and germs in just one wash cycle without laundry at maximum temperature – keeping the washing machine hygienically clean. 
  • Degree of soiling: Allows you to select additional, more specific settings regarding the degree of soiling of your laundry – for perfectly clean laundry.
  • Impregnation: Special wash cycle for maintaining your clothing with a protective impregnating agent – it's never been easier.
  • Fabric types: Individual programmes for optimum wash effectiveness for textiles such as shirts, down, outdoor garments, silk, net curtains, baby garments, denim and black garments.
  • FirstWash: This short programme cleans newly purchased clothes to get rid of any unwanted chemicals and residues while consuming less energy and water.

CHF 149 

Do you want to be more sustainable? Are you concerned about the health of your loved ones? Are you interested in washing with a modular system?  Then we have the right expansion pack for you. Our EcoClean digital upgrade allows you to upload the functions and programmes you want as expansions.

The EcoClean package for your AdoraWash V2000 includes the following programmes and functions:

  • EcoManagement: Displays the anticipated energy and water consumption on the appliance before every wash cycle. Shows the actual water and electricity consumption once the programme has finished.
  • OptiTime: This intelligent delayed start function efficiently uses the time available until the end of the programme to wash in a more environmentally-friendly way. 
  • Anti-mite: This additional programme removes 100% of mites from your textiles and can be selected in combination with all wash programmes that run at a temperature of at least 60 °C. 
  • Skin protection: Minimal skin irritation caused by detergent residue thanks to a longer and more intensive main wash cycle – perfect for people with sensitive skin.
  • Energy saving: The Energy saving button enables you to select the most energy-efficient option for washing your fabrics.
  • Modular washing: Soap wash, biological wash: The programme sequence is optimally adjusted to the use of modular detergent and your individual detergent use.



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