Vibrations stand no chance.

Our Adora and Unimatic washing machines are equipped with another intelligent function developed by us – the Vibration Absorbing System (VAS). Because your washing is never spread evenly around the drum, it can cause imbalance and vibrations during spin cycles. These vibrations not only generate noise, they also mean that your appliance will wear out quicker. The VAS reduces these vibrations. The intelligent sensors detect the position and degree of imbalance at the start of the spin process. By adding water to the corresponding ribs, the system compensates for any imbalance.

As a result, the machine runs extremely gently and quietly. Structure-borne noise is significantly reduced, ensuring that hardly anything is transferred to neighbouring rooms. This makes Adora/Unimatic appliances ideal for installation in flats or houses that use airtight construction methods, such as those built in line with the Minergie standard.