V-ZUG Novelties 2021

Ovens and steam cookers from the new Excellence Line

Appliance management of the future

The large touch display with its CircleSlider raises the user experience of the new ovens and steam cookers to a new level – intuitive, interactive, customisable. AutoDoor, the first appliance door that not only opens but also closes automatically, even makes it possible to have appliances without handles.


Perfect design integration

The minimalist design and mirror glass fronts (available in Black, Platinum and Pearl) allow Excellence Line ovens and steam cookers to blend seamlessly into the architecture and feel of your kitchen. All of the products' panels are harmonised across the range – a feature which, along with the associated design elements, allows you to combine our ovens, steam cookers, drawers, Coffee-Centers or WineCoolers with each other as you wish. Together they form a unified, charming product family, all cast in the same mould.


Stress-free and inspired to create perfect cooking results

The new Excellence Line's ovens and steam cookers enable you to create perfect cooking results with minimum effort. Their sophisticated technology, including an improved view of your food, a precise food probe with three-point measurement, inspiring recipes and smart setting aids such as EasyCook, transform even the preparation stage into a pleasurable experience. 


AdoraDish V6000 with heat pump

The AdoraDish V6000 with heat pump is in the new energy efficiency class A. The unparalleled technology and economical programmes make it uniquely environmentally friendly. 

AdoraWash V6000 with heat pump

Years of economical performance thanks to unparalleled technology: our AdoraWash V6000 with heat pump is in energy efficiency class A – the top category – under the new energy consumption labelling.


Customise your appliance at a click: using a digital V-Upgrade, your Adora washing machine and Adora tumble dryer can be adjusted to your own personal and ever-changing needs, making them a sustainable investment.

VESTA – the digital payment system

VESTA is a digital online management and payment system for communal laundry rooms. VESTA simplifies life for building managers and tenants. Tenants can book washing machines easily from their PC or mobile phone, and pay for them online. Building managers can carry out all their administrative work easily online.