service agreement

V-ZUG appliances are characterized by a high standard of quality and a longer than average lifetime. They are capable of surviving intensive use for years. Yet every appliance requires a certain amount of maintenance. It is not possible to fully exclude occasional breakdowns caused by an individual component failing, signs of wear and tear or material fatigue.

For this reason, V-ZUG recommends you conclude a service agreement.

This gives every appliance owner additional security and has the effect as extending the works warranty. We would like to highlight the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive cover in the event of repair
  • The cost of work and travel time together with the required replacement materials are covered by the annual premium. The agreement also includes free troubleshooting advice for appliance operation, usage questions, repair and replacement offers.
  • Simple maintenance budgeting, maintenance costs become fixed costs.
  • For this reason, a V-ZUG service agreement is certainly an integral part of full after-sales service.

Are you interested in concluding a service agreement? For more information, see the V-ZUG service agreement document. Contract terms/contract variants. The possible contract variants are listed here. If you want to know more, simply give us a call on 058 767 67 67 or send us an email.