Contract Provisions

Contract Provisions

Included Services

Throughout the term of the contract, V-ZUG Ltd shall rectify any malfunctions which affect V-ZUG appliances subject to the contractual agreement and which occur during normal use of the appliance in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein.
Full services include working time, journey time, replacement materials, advice when rectifying malfunctions, and the costs associated with the legally prescribed safety check that is performed after the appliance has been returned to working order.
Any repair costs arising from operating errors or foreign bodies and any consequential damage (such as damage to refrigerated food or to laundry) up to a maximum amount of CHF 500.00 are covered on a one-time basis over the entire term of the service contract.
Any necessary replacement parts shall not be invoiced separately until after the 12th year of operation has passed.

Excluded services
Rectification of malfunctions and damage resulting from external influences, force majeure, intervention by third parties, overuse or misuse. Updates (to baskets, etc.), periodic maintenance work or repairs to installations outside the appliances.

Term and conclusion of contract
The term of each contract shall be one year. After one year has passed, the contract shall tacitly renew itself by one further year, unless it is terminated in writing by one of the contractual parties subject to a period leading up to the end of the year.
The maximum age of the appliances when the contract is concluded shall be 5 years.
If the contract is not concluded immediately after the warranty period, the minimum term of the contract shall be 3 years. An individual contract shall also be subject to a one-off purchasing fee. This shall be CHF 50.00 per year of the appliance’s operation.
Coffee-Center contracts shall end no later than the point at which the 10th year of the appliance’s operation has passed.

Contractual costs
Contractual costs shall apply per appliance (in the case of individual contracts) or to a group of appliances (in the case of collective contracts), and for the duration of one year.
The annual premium shall be invoiced at the start of the contractual period and payable within 30 days net.

Quantity discount (individual contracts only)
Quantity discounts for multiple appliances in a contract (factored into the premium invoice):

  • 2–100 appliances 10 %
  • 101–500 appliances 12 %
  • Over 500 appliances 14 %

In the case of washing machines and tumble dryers, the contractual costs shall depend on the type of use.
In the event that excessively high repair costs are incurred under the service contract, V-ZUG Ltd shall propose a replacement subject to special conditions.
Annual premiums for appliances that cannot be accessed by car (those which have to be accessed by cable car, etc.) shall be set on a case-by-case basis.
V-ZUG Ltd may adjust the annual premiums if costs of wages and materials rise.
No claims for reimbursement of the premiums may be asserted if the contract is terminated.

Bonus system (individual contracts only)
If, after the start of the contract, the appliance operates without malfunctions for two years in succession, V-ZUG Ltd shall then grant a bonus during the next year, amounting to 5 % of the net annual premium. The bonus shall increase by a further 5 % per additional year without malfunctions.
The maximum bonus shall be 25 % (5 × 5 %).
If one or more malfunctions occur during a contractual year, the bonus in the next year shall drop by 5 %. However, the maximum premium per device shall never exceed 100 % (net annual premium).
In each case, a bonus shall be deducted from the next premium invoice as a reimbursement.

Place of jurisdiction
The exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be Zug, Switzerland.

These provisions apply as of 1 January 2017. Subject to change.