Vocational training

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An outstanding start to working life
V-ZUG can put much of its success down to highly motivated employees who feel appreciated by us. When you come to us to learn, you will also quickly integrate and feel welcome. You will learn and experience a great deal. After all, V-ZUG is the market leader in the Swiss household goods industry.

With us, you spend your apprenticeship at the cutting edge of technical development. You work with the very latest equipment and methods. But V-ZUG is famous not only for its superior ability to innovate but also for its consistent focus on quality. And this holds true for your basic and advanced vocational training as well. You are mentored by competent, experienced trainers in all areas of your training. An apprenticeship at V-ZUG also gives you the best possible prospects for a successful future at work.


Industriestrasse 66
CH - 6302 Zug

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