What we offer

Fringe benefits during an apprenticeship

Training camp
In addition to holidays, each year we give all our apprentices the opportunity to attend a week-long training camp. The training camp provides an environment outside of your workplace in which you have the chance to collaborate with other apprentices on a range of projects spanning various areas of training.

Salary, season ticket reimbursement

We reward excellent performance at V-ZUG and at your vocational school with a supplementary payment on top of your basic salary. In November, you will receive a 13th-month salary payment as a bonus. If you live outside Zug or Baar, we will reimburse your public transport expenses.

Working hours, holidays

We offer flexible working hours. This means that, in addition to your block periods, you can decide on and organise your working hours yourself. Your paid holiday allowance amounts to between 5 and 7 weeks per year, depending on which year of the apprenticeship you are in, and you are free to use this as you wish.

Staff restaurant
Our staff restaurant at ZUGORAMA is renowned for its outstanding cooking. Here, you can enjoy lunch in the company of your colleagues. Our workplaces also provide free mineral water and hot drinks.

Leisure clubs
We offer a range of leisure organisations that you are welcome to attend.

After your apprenticeship
Once your apprenticeship is finished, you will have the opportunity to carry on working at V-ZUG Ltd or even complete a foreign traineeship at one of our affiliated companies.