Exhibition centres

For safety reasons, we need to close all ZUGORAMAs to the public for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your understanding.

You can obtain detailed information from our competent customer advisers in our own exhibition and advisory centres ZUGORAMA . The exhibitions feature appliances from the current ranges, inviting you to stop and inspect with their generous dimensions. In addition, cooking demonstrations and cookery courses are held regularly so that you can get to know the V-ZUG appliances and their functionality even better.

We suggest that you make an appointment for a personal advisory session.

️ Replacement parts are not available in the ZUGORAMAs. Please order them using the online form or by calling us on 058 767 67 84.

Feedback from advisors

ZUGORAMA Crissier, Patricia Despont (Customer consultant)

What do customers think about digital networking?

Given the current trends, our customers are usually not surprised that our appliances are network-enabled. Most customers are visibly enthusiastic, especially when we explain the direct benefits and actual added value. Of course, there are a few critics too. Their main argument relates to security. However, in most cases, these doubts can be minimized after a brief explanation. As the trend toward home automation is growing it will become more relevant for customers in future too. Demand for networked appliances is not yet very high; this is possibly because many of our customers are not aware of the possibility of networking our appliances. They are pleased when we inform them of this option, though. Many of our customers also appreciate the RetroFit option as they do not have to exchange their appliances but are still up-to-date and can benefit from connectivity.

ZUGORAMA Zürich, Nicole Muff (Customer consultant)

Do you advise customers to opt for induction or glass ceramic?

For me personally, nothing comes close to induction. The heat can be regulated faster and more accurately, like with a gas hob, plus its speed is unbeatable and the hob is easier to clean since it largely stays cold. On our MaxiFlex hobs, the marked cooking zones are merely for guidance. This means that the entire space can be used more efficiently, and pans of all sizes can be placed wherever you like. Yet at the end of the day, customer habits have the final say. Cooking should ultimately be an enjoyable activity, and if a customer has concerns about using induction, they should opt for a conventional glass ceramic hob instead.