Œufs en cocotte

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150 g foie gras, terrine
50 ml cream
Mix the foie gras and cream well, divide the mixture between the four ramekin dishes and smooth the top.
将发酵桶预加热 热风+清蒸 到 150°C
4 eggs, fresh
Place the ramekin dishes on the perforated stainless steel tray. In each one, crack an egg on top of the foie gras and cream mixture. Cook.
在 热风+清蒸 期间为 150 5 分钟°C
Fleur de sel
The egg is ready when the egg white is no longer runny. Take the tray out of the cooking space. Season the egg with fleur de sel and pepper.


Depending on the cocotte, the egg takes about 5 to 6 minutes to cook.

  • 4 small, flat ramekins (cocottes) à ø13 cm
  • Perforated stainless steel tray
数量 食材
Fleur de sel
50 ml cream
150 g foie gras
4 eggs