V-ZUG Combi-Steam MSLQ with integrated microwave technology

V-ZUG Combi-Steam MSLQ with integrated microwave technology
The healthy – and now even faster – way to steam

Do you sometimes wish you could switch on the turbo in the kitchen? Well now you can, with the Combi-Steam MSLQ, the latest coup by household appliance specialist V-ZUG. In addition to conventional heat and steam, the MSLQ has a PowerPlus function that accelerates every cooking procedure, like a booster. This world-first innovation will be on the market in the spring of 2015.

You know how it is: you come home after a long day at work with bags organic vegetables and a free-range chicken under your arm. You have all the best intentions, but the children are “hungry now!” Meanwhile, your other half is stuck in a traffic jam and the dog desperately needs to go out. In the past, we rescued ourselves from such situations with a tin of ravioli. In the future, saving yourself will become much easier – and healthier. When time is tight, you can rely on the new Combi-Steam MSLQ from V-ZUG. True to the V-ZUG motto: the Combi-Steam works fast – so you don’t have to.
The latest member of the V-ZUG Combi-Steam family will be on the market from the spring of 2015. Its unique feature is its turbo switch, or more precisely a microwave function that complements traditional ways of cooking using conventional heat and steam. The new function is not only an advanced technical achievement but is also very useful in everyday life, as the microwave function can do more than just heat: like a booster, it accelerates every other cooking programme. All forms of baking and steaming are a good third quicker. In other words, the food is already on the table – and freshly cooked – while the kids are still screaming they’re hungry.
The Combi-Steam oven can even do something for latecomers. All Combi-Steam models have a regeneration programme that gently warms pre-cooked dishes (i.e. what the little ones leave) using a combination of steam and hot air. The new PowerRegeneration programme also re-heats food carefully, but it is does so more quickly.

You have time on your hands? Your Combi-Steam can also take it slow.
The new appliance comes with a book of 65 recipe suggestions. And that’s exactly the name of the game: do exactly as you please! All three heating methods can be combined as the fancy takes you, and the possibilities are many and varied, for example using steam and microwave for fresh, nutritious vegetables in a flash, or using conventional heat with steam and microwave for crispy, succulent bread in no time at all, and so on. Hobby chefs can have a field day – and the family will love the quick, delicious results.
At weekends, the Combi-Steam can do exactly the same as you: change down a gear. You can cook a tender roast to perfection, and on time. Or how about using the patented Vacuisine method, sous-vide steam cooking that allows the full flavour of meat, fish or vegetables to unfold? You can feed your family or play host to guests as if you had all the time in the world, then the MSLQ switches back to turbo mode on Monday – and before you know it there’s a healthy meal on the table.