CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam: the quickest combi-steam cooker

The CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam is a fully-fledged combi-steam cooker and a high-end microwave oven rolled into one. It offers a wide range of preparation methods in a single appliance.

Our PowerSteam combi appliance is the quickest V-ZUG combi-steam cooker. It can do everything our tried-and-tested models can. Yet it steams and bakes in record time, while preserving the quality, colour, texture and taste of the food. The integrated inverter microwave oven can be used alone or in conjunction with the combi-steam cooker. A potato is steamed 30 % quicker and every kind of dish is regenerated 40 % faster. The major difference compared to baking and warming up in a microwave oven is that the steam prevents the food from drying out. 

Energy-efficient and gentle on food

Unlike conventional microwave ovens that inject their power in pulses, the inverter microwave oven in PowerSteam mode delivers the desired power at a constant rate. This facilitates precise, even warming that preserves vitamins and avoids local overheating. Sensitive foods such as chocolate or butter can be melted gently.  

Thanks to inverter technology and the improved energy distribution that goes with it, the three operating modes – hot air, steam and microwave oven – can be used at the same time without any problem. The sophisticated design means that the microwaves are precisely distributed in the cooking space, ensuring that the food is warmed evenly.  

PowerSteam programmes

Smart operating modes with Power
The different operating modes of the CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam use the very best of every type of heating technology. The extra power comes from the microwaves, which automatically switch on according to the operating modes.


PowerSteam combines steam with microwaves in a single operating mode, thereby reducing cooking time by up to 30 %. Thanks to the short cooking time, the food retains its texture and taste – quality, vitamins and colour are preserved.

Power hot air with steaming

The Power hot air with steaming operating mode accelerates preparation and ensures evenly warmed results. The combination of hot air, microwave oven and steam ensures dishes such as chicken or lasagne are crispy on the outside, yet perfectly cooked on the inside.

Power hot air

Whether it be cakes or roast vegetables: With Power hot air, dishes are ready up to 30 % faster. The combination of hot air and microwaves results in deliciously moist dishes with a beautiful surface.


In the PowerRegeneration operating mode, hot air, microwaves and steam combine for a time savings of up to 40 % compared with conventional regeneration. Selected foods or entire dishes are evenly heated in record time, without drying out.


The defrost operating mode has options that are ideally suited to the specific kind of food. General defrosting, defrosting meat and defrosting bread can be selected individually – for even results without heating the food.